clogged sprinkler headsAre your sprinkler heads clogged? The usual sign of clogging is less water spraying when the system turns on. This can create underwatered spots on your lawn, so it’s important to call on an expert to fix this issue right away.

When an irrigation expert looks over your system, they’ll identify the source of the clogging and repair it. Dirt and other debris may be the culprit, or the technician may find a more complex issue causing the suboptimal watering.

Consider calling Millard, your Omaha sprinkler experts, for assistance!

Millard Sprinkler is a professional sprinkler-system business that serves Omaha and neighboring towns. From winterizing systems to designing new ones, homeowners and business owners depend on our sprinkler know-how. With over 40,000 customers since our founding, Millard is proud of its top-notch customer service. Get acquainted with our team and services:

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