conduct an seo auditFirst things first: Before you redesign your website, be sure to conduct an SEO audit. This process will reveal current issues—and help you avoid creating new issues during your redesign.

What’s an SEO audit? It’s a thorough process where you comb through every page of your website, looking for specific SEO dos & don’ts. You emerge from this process with a list of SEO to-do’s that help guide your redesign layout and ongoing choices.

Naturally, an SEO expert is best equipped to conduct your audit. Ask our team at Blue Panda Digital for an SEO audit, so we can diagnose problems with your website—and set your redesign on the right track. Go to to request an obligation-free consultation now.

Blue Panda delivers SEO & PPC results to companies across the United States. Based in Lincoln, NE, our experts serve small-to-medium-sized businesses. Call on us to improve your SEO today.

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