high-quality pallet forkIf you need a reliable, useful tool in your skid-steer toolbox, then a high-quality pallet fork is a must. At CL Fabrication, we call pallet forks a “workhorse attachment,” as they dependably let you succeed at hard jobs for many years.

Our EZ-Pallet Forks are precisely that workhorse attachment that every loader owner needs. Because the forks and brick guards are included, you’re ready for all sorts of tasks. Need a bale spike attachment? Easily add one onto your EZ-Pallet Fork order and install it right away—no tools required.

CL Fabrication is your go-to manufacturer for sturdy skid-steer attachments. Our unparalleled products are designed by experts. Our owner and engineer, Curtis, spearheads our team with 35+ years in the industry. Discover our whole line of proven tools at CLFab.com

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CL Fabrication

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