We’re pleased to announce that Millard Sprinkler saw record-breaking sales in 2021. As our family of customers continues to grow and spread the word, more and more people are enjoying the reliable, high-quality, winter-ready sprinklers that we sell and install.


Beyond installing new sprinkler systems, we redesign and expand older systems, reroute around swimming pools, install drip tubes, and more.


Enjoy our superior craftsmanship, winterization skills, and customer service.


Millard Sprinkler offers sprinkler installation and repair for both residential and commercial customers. Located in Omaha, NE, Millard Sprinkler has worked with 40,000+ customers over the years and has established themselves as a leading sprinkler installer in the Omaha market. More information about their services is available on their website. For other queries or to schedule an appointment, contact a customer representative via email at  customersupport@millardsprinkler.com. Millard Sprinkler is located at 13235 Chandler Rd #C, Omaha, NE, 68138.

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